Saturday - April 13, 2024

The All Sweat Podcast

River Music Experience( From WVIK Radio)

The All Sweat Podcast, powered by River Music Experience, is a show focused on music and the community that supports it. With host Al Sweet, we talk about all things music, community, and happenings around the Quad Cities area on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi.

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Mature Content

Al sits down with drummer Zac Tatum to talk about performing on cruise ships.

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Mature Content

Al and Chrissy sit down with Jim Powell to talk about working in a touring band, collaborations in the QC music community, and using music to expand your world view.

Listen · 59:57
Mature Content

Al and Chrissy talk with Scott Dye of Dye Photography about live music photography.

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Mature Content

Quad City drummer Andrew Ross talks with Al and Chrissy about growing up Mormon, fixing instruments in New York, and coming home to the QC.

Listen · 56:10
Mature Content

Al and Chrissy talk with Regan Hatfield about his relationship with art and music and how he combines those two loves.

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Mature Content

Al and Chrissy talk with Claire Finley about studying at Berkley, being a working musician, and coming home to the Quad Cities.

Listen · 58:03
Mature Content

Lauren Crew & Jeff Lenger come on the podcast to talk about The Echo, a new website highlighting everything going on in the Quad Cities area music scene. Visit

Listen · 58:18

Al and Chrissy talk with Josh "Buddha" Smith about DJing, running sound, and all things music.

Listen · 58:54

Al and Chrissy talk with Dwayne Hodges of 10 of Soul about what it's like working with a large band and his entrepreneurial ventures outside of music.

Listen · 53:19